Museum blog

The museum blog is the responsibility of Nässu, a teddy bear living at the museum. He writes both about things he notices at the museum and things he finds exciting while travelling the world. Among other things, the blog entries have given inspiration for an Estonian children’s book titled “Nässu”.

Who is this mysterious bear Nässu?
Teddy bear Nässu is an Estonian bear who was born in Riga, but after long journeys across the world ended up living in the Tartu Toy Museum. He has written the following about himself: “I was born on 24 February 2009 in Riga. Exactly on the birthday of the Estonian Republic! Regardless my place of birth, I consider myself an Estonian bear. Besides, Latvia no longer has its own bears – they have all migrated from Estonia. I’m doing the opposite – I intend to migrate to Estonia! I hope to find out a lot about by new homeland.”

Anyone who is interested can follow the blog at

The entries are mainly in Estonian, but as Nässu himself says, pictures can be understood in any language. :)
In addition to Nässu, blog entries are also written by the museum mascot, Teddy Flowerpaw (Lillekäpp).