Renting the Playroom

The museum’s playroom can be rented for birthdays and other events. To reserve the playroom, one must call the playroom instructor at tel. +372 7461 778 or write to (11:00 am to 3:00 pm Wednesday-Sunday). The playroom instructor will find you an appropriate time and you can agree on the nature of the activity and its duration.

The toy museum only rents out the playroom at times that are convenient to the museum.
The renting of activities generally only begins at 4:30 pm on the museum’s working days (Wednesday-Sunday).

Because the playroom is in such high demand, we recommend scheduling the date and time of the event as far in advance as possible.
Renting the playroom costs 110 EUR (150 minutes) or 130 EUR (180 minutes) . We do have the extra fees for activities (15-45 euros); the museum does not offer catering services.

The playroom instructor must receive an advance payment (30 euros) at least one month before the event is to take place. If you’ve failed to make an advance payment 2 weeks before the scheduled event, your reservation will be cancelled.
If you need to cancel a reservation, please call to notify us.

Note: Children’s parties at the museum are alcohol free!