Birthdays and other parties

The Toy Museum is a cool and cosy place for holding the birthdays and other festive gatherings or meetings of children or adults. Both the Play Room and the Children’s Studio are available for events. The event organisers/guests will bring their own food and the museum staff will help to plan and hold the party.

In order to book the Play Room for a birthday, please phone 7461 778 or write to (Wed-Sun from 11 to 16).

In order to book the Children’s studio, please write to (Tue-Sat from 11 to 16)

The Museum Play Room (Lutsu 8) is an excellent place for smaller kids, with plenty of toys, a grand wooden sailing ship, exciting toy houses and fun costumes. Holding your child’s first birthday at the Play Room is particularly symbolic – together with the good wishes, you can give them the desire and courage to play and do exciting things throughout their life.

Older kids can engage in fun activities at the Children’s Studio of the Theatre Home (Lutsu 2), where you can hold a pirates’ party, a little Indians’ birthday or a princesses’ mask ball.

On an adults’ jubilee or birthday party, we will take the guests on a nostalgic walk through a world of warm smiles and childhood memories. And if you wish, we will tell you more about the Toy Museum exhibitions, organise games or quizzes and help you choose board games to play at your event.

The Play Room and the Children’s Studio are also available for Christmas parties, seminars, training courses and other festive events and gatherings.

The Play Room can hold up to 40 guests and the Children’s Studio up to 60 guests.