50 super facts about toys!

No one knows when human children first started playing with toys. We do all know, however, that by today the production of toys has become a huge business which involves billions of dollars, euros and yuans. This exhibition aims at taking a look behind the scenes of the extremely exciting millennia-long history of toys.

We should also keep in mind that toys have never been an exclusive playground for children – grown-ups have also used toys for learning, entertainment and spiritual acts. For visitors who are looking for mystery, the exhibition presents rites and beliefs associated with dolls as well as all kinds of both ominous and especially lucky items. The exhibition also introduces the titans and the dwarves, the rich and the rejected, the weirdos and the geniuses of the world of toys.

When talking about toys, toy-collecting is something we can never overlook. At times, collecting toys is a satisfying pastime, while at other times it constitutes an intentional investment aimed at ensuring carefree retirement after selling a valuable collection. The exhibition presents some facts which both children and grown-ups should take into account if they are thinking about starting a special toy collection.